A New Black Panther Trailer!

This is going to be such a great movie and I can’t wait to see it! But after seeing the trailer I have a couple of questions. I qualify this with the fact that I haven’t read much of the Black Panther comics.

1)The suit! I thought that the suit was tied to the ring and was kind of intrinsic. That is why he was Black Panther as soon as his father died and he got the ring in Civil War.
2)Is the suit not only for the king of Wakanda? It seems that other people have suits and mystic powers?

I am sure these will be answered in the first couple minutes of the movie. I am reticent to do to much research in fear of spoiling the movie. Even with these questions I am so looking forward to it coming out next year. Of course, a special treat is that Martin Freeman will be making an appearance.

What are you looking forward to most?

Iron Fist is Coming!!!

From Marvel

I am so excited that Iron First will be here next month! The new trailer looks so awesome. I think that not only is this series going to be great, but I am excited that it means we are that much closer to The Defenders.

Of course we see that Marvel is bringing in another strong female character with Colleen Wing. I have been so happy on how well balanced all the series truly have been. Another thing that brings me joy is the marshal arts angle of Iron Fist. I have always loved watching marshal arts. With the quality of the fighting in all the other Marvel series that Netflix has done, this one with be phenomenal!!!

What are you most excited about in the coming Iron Fist series?

First Spider-Man Homecoming Trailer

Yes, I was like so many other geeks who kind of groaned when I heard that they were once again going to restart the Spider-Man franchise. But that “Again?” was put away when I heard that Marvel and Kevin Feige were involved. And I got even more excited when Spider-Man made an appearance in Civil War!

So of course I was excited to see the new Spider-Man Homecoming trailer.

I think it looks pretty good. I love that Michael Keaton is The Vulture. I am not really familiar with this baddie but I think it will be awesome. I am also curious how involved Iron Man will be?

What do you think?